• Internet Access

    • Managed Internet access for K12, government, and buisness communities. Our Internet access is well managed, fast, and offers our customers very secure Internet links keeping staff, students, and employees safe from worms, viruses, trojans, and other Internet borne exploits.

    • All Internet circuits contracted by Meet Point are provided as ethernet full duplex.
    • Tier 1 Support via phone 24x7.
    • Tier 2 Support on site for configuration changes, trouble shooting, or replacement of the Internet router.
    • School district are required to have a device capable of accepting ethernet connections at the contracted data rate. (Firewall, Router, Switch) School districts usually do not have to purchase additional equipment to facilitate the Meet Point Internet connection.
  • Wide Area Networks

    • Gigabit managed fiber optic Wide Area Networks connecting customer off site buildings to a central location. We provide WAN speeds from 1 gigabit to 10 gigabit depending on customer requirements and each design is structured to fit specific customer needs.

      MeetPoint Wide Area Networks have no MAC address limitations and do not have traditional routers between the end points and the hub site aggregation switches. Each link is dedicated to the customer's traffic and is not deployed in a "shared" environment.

  • Managed Services

    Email Archiving
    Web Page Hosting
    Web Page Content Management
    Content Filtering
    Firewall Management
    Network Security

  • Value Added Services (No Charge)

    • If the internet router fails, Meet Point will have a hot spare available until the school district can obtain a replacement.  Hot spare is delivered to the school district and is configured.  This maintains Internet connectivity for the district reducing the length of Internet service disruption.
    • Security - Meet Point blocks over 2 million attacks per day.  These are attacks either destined for school networks or attacks sourcing from school networks.  Both are blocked. If the attacks source from the school district Meet Point will advise the school.
    • Email blacklisting - If the school district becomes “Black Listed” on the Internet and can not send email, Meet Point will take steps to get the school district delisted restoring functional email service.
    • Firewall Management - Meet Point will assist the school district in managing their Firewall.  Meet Point will fully manage the firewall or assist the school district in configuring security policies the apply to the school district. (Palo Alto firewall are excluded)
    • Lan/Wan network design.  Meet Point will assist the school district in designing the physical and logical topology of the network up to and including configuration of network devices.
    • DNS hosting - Hosting for the primary domain and sub domains as requested.
    • Network Monitoring - Meet Point provides each school district with a login for monitoring of network devices and bandwidth usage.
    • Emergency Notifications - Registered users will receive text notifications for scheduled and un-scheduled network maintenance or outages.  This text messaging service keeps school districts informed should an incident occur affecting the network.
    • Note: Until Erate year 2014/2015 email and web services were included in the monthly charge. Content filtering is still available at a significantly reduced price point. 

  • IT Consulting and Design

    • Network planning is essential to ensuring high-performance, long-term network operations. MeetPoint's understanding of both educational and business requirements, along with networking technologies ,helps us assist you, our customer, in planning new and evolving existing networks. Ultimately maximizing efficiency, lower your costs, and enhance your business processes.